Creating spaces is a dynamic confluence of resources, need and intent. A solution that resonates with the context elevates itself into a meaningful level. Genesis believes that each project is unique, and the design needs to evolve through a process that imbibes the obvious along with the idiosyncrasies of each project. Without the burdens of presumptions and assumptions we let the solution unfold as a unique response to the context. We just orchestrate the forces of confluence to evolve into a symphony.

Genesis’s strategy is to contemplate on the pulse of the site to gauge the contours of the spatial forces. By resolving the dynamic requirements of site, climate, technologies, developers, authorities, end-users and consultants, a conceptual equation is arrived at. This equation informs the design at all levels and scales, creating an architectural language unique for the project. Genesis believes that good design is an outcome of diligent research, espoused with technical knowledge and artistic judgement. Random out of the box explorations in the quest for new possibilities and attention to detail has enhanced our ability to deliver a unique brand of architecture.