Encompassing over 27+ years of experience, GPPL has a network of over 200 staff and is a leading multi-disciplinary architectural firm based at Hyderabad, Telangana, India. We have completed designs for over 150 million sq. ft of built spaces. With experience in many sectors of the industry, our completed projects range encompasses residential, mixed use, commercial, hospitality, educational and health care sectors. Our buildings have won several awards and honours that showcases our talent, innovation, and the ability to deliver.

Our collegiate design culture, cross sector experience and R&D has resulted in broad variations in our projects having varied types and scales. Our designs reflect the outcome of the simultaneous explorations into theories and systems, and thorough study of the site and related context, requirements and expectations coupled with the articulated sensitivity to detail. Sustainability is integral part of our designs. With its uncompromising design standards and architectural ideals, the goal has been to demonstrate excellence in quality and innovation. For us, each project is unique, and the design evolves through a process imbibing the obvious with innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Like the components of an ecosystem’s relationships, we establish conducive relationships between physical tectonics, clients’ aspirations, and site context.

With the above, in every project, wisdom of architecture from our ancient history “Vaastu” forms an intrinsic weave, and architecture unfolds in the parametric design process.

Thus, our designs bring together our international expertise, present and future dynamics of space and our rich invaluable historic architectural wisdom, which is unique for the region.

Our journey



With people-centric philosophy at the core of their design process, Genesis Partners was founded to create breathtaking premium designs that are architecturally coherent and socially relevant for diverse sectors (commercial to residential projects ).


Genesis Planners Pvt Ltd

Proclaimed as Genesis Planners Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad



Established office in Bangalore to tap the market of high-rise and luxury residential spaces.


100 Acre Township

Completed the first 100 acres of the residential township, Palm Meadows


Structural Engineering Department

Started our in-house structural engineering department


2.2 Million sqft Residential space

Completed a mammoth project of 2.2 million sqft for Aparna Sarovar, a residential gated community.


First IGBC Platinum

Gained first IGBC Platinum status for Aparna Sarovar Grande, a gated community spread across 10 acres.


Collaboration with Forsters+ Partners

for an iconic project


Highest IGBC Credit

Achieved the highest credit (94/100) during that time from IGBC (NC) for Jaybhari- The Peak. Also, designed a government IT tower at Amravati. Designed multiple social infrastructure projects i.e. Parks, Schools, Library, and Tourism projects, for the Amaravati Capital. Designed the first residential project of 15 floors, Happy Nest, with world-class infrastructure and social amenities. Started two new departments- Interior Desing and Landscape Department


4 million sqft

Completed a 4 million sqft residential project –Aparna Serene Park, a gated community in an entire area of 19 acres.


Project on 98.6 Acre land

Completed Aparna Lake Town, a housing project spread across 98.6 acres of land. First in Hyderabad to finish 6.2 million sqft of the single residential project spread over 26.4 Acres of land. Built, Lansum Oxygen Towers, the first high-rise building of 35 floors in Vizag. A township, Jayabheri Narsingi, was built with 1.7 million sq ft + 70 Plots spread over 23.3 Acres. Another housing project, Aparna Lake Town, with 7 million sq ft spread over 24.4 acres of land (construction in progress).


First in Hyderabad

Designed 40+ floors of residential space, the first in Hyderabad. Master Planning of the first smart & self-sustainable integrated township Project which is spread over 120 Acres. 90 million sqft for built housing space project. .


40+ floors of Residential properties

Construction in Progress for 8 Projects of 40+ Floors and 4 Projects of 50+ Floors in Hyderabad for Residential Development

Our philosophy of design is to allow the site, clients aspirations, regional, historical, climatological, and socio-cultural context coupled with our unique ancient architectural wisdom of “vaastu” as per the geographic context, to mould our design decisions rather than creating a signature style. Such designs reflect the outcome of varied influences and inspirations that are devoid of presumptions and assumptions. We just orchestrate the forces of confluence to evolve into a symphony.

Integrated multi-disciplinary approach that crafts architectural spaces with constructive functionality, sensory and sustainable character which adheres to the highest defined quality parameters, cost and deadlines are the core values of our design.

Our practice has developed around simultaneous explorations in wide spectrum of theory and research, supported by cutting edge international digital technology, embracing culture, knowledge, and wellbeing. This resulted in the creation of authentic, conducive, and high-quality liveable environments for multi-cultural communities of all ages, that facilitate a balanced theme of work, live and play. Our climate responsive built spaces of transversal projects stand out in the multitude of urban textures seeking sustainability, present and future aspirations of the community and wellbeing.

GPPL has a unique system of functioning in design process. All seniors and design experts with international exposure and decades of experience in the respective fields, belonging to structural engineering, BEM, interiors, landscape, services, Finishes and sustainability team of GPPL collaboratively work on the project contributing to each specialty of design part at the time of developing design program and design concept that sets a direction to the further process.

The architectural team carries forward with the design detail and involves various associates from outside belonging to various fields such as Interiors, structural engineering, Landscape, MEP etc. to achieve a desired outcome. Throughout the project period our eminent internal specialists remain as facilitators and take part in the design and execution stages to achieve the right outcome.

Such Integrated, multi layered design practices have supported us create environments that exude sensual elegance, experiential spaces, and sensory appeal. This trans disciplinary process and continuous state of refinement resulted in ample possibilities of spatial perceptions.

GPPL is endowed with integrated multidisciplinary professionals who take the design process through multi layered services to achieve innovative paradigms. Synchronization of key horizons like master planning, feasibility studies, economic appraisal budgeting etc., determining technical specifications, land extents for envisaged projects, suitability, statutory clearances also form part of our multi layered services module.

Each project goes through a comprehensive design process where multiple layers are dealt with by the internal specialist senior faculty and vastly experienced designers conduct a thorough brainstorming to curate an innovative and sensitive design.

Such practice of pooling coordinated efforts of all specialist professionals is religiously adhered to for all projects and the culminating coherence is reflected as a successful design.