Aparna Serene Park

Serene Park is designed as a gated community of apartments in 14towers enveloping a serene community courtyard in an entire area of 19 Acres. While the architectural design takes advantage of the courtyard concept in terms of providing all attributes emanating from the vernacular courtyard concept, the courtyard itself becomes the soul of the community that resonates with the concept of “serenity”. Climate and context responsive design blends into the region and caters to the demands of present and future generations.

The built spaces have 2 & 3 BHK ranging from 1295 sft. to 2250 sft. These are spread out to act as independent entities with ample natural light and ventilation, taking care of requirement of the multi-cultural and varied social groups who may form part of the community .Open space on ground is 80% of the site area and is meticulously landscaped which comprises a large central park, open landscaped drive ways and meticulously landscaped peripheral areas with lot of activity and interaction spaces.

Specially crafted sculptures using recycled material are installed symbolizing sustainable design. These sculptures add another exciting dimension to the landscape by forming sub focal points and space makers. While adopting to conventionally faster systems of construction, GPPL innovated in the design of toilet duct shafts by integrating them in concrete form work design to avoid post construction works.

The site planning takes advantage of the two abutting roads on two sides of the plot without compromising on security, circulation and traffic confusion. Innovatively designed club house raises from ground with two segments angularly sloping upwards, carrying the landscape continuation on its profile as a roof top landscape. While amenities and facilities are provided at its best, a large 57,000sft. club house, two swimming poos and a sports park stand out to showcase the extravagance.

Project Name
Aparna Serene Park
Area in Acres
19 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
4.0 Million
No.of Floors
2B+G+19 Floors
Height of the buildings
60 Mtrs