Asian Cinemart

This is a multiplex designed to suit the metropolitan lifestyle of Hyderabad. 2 cellars parking,1 stilt, and half stilt above with anchor stores in the front on the ground level, first and second level, 2 levels of retail, 1 level of food court, two small theatres which 166 capacity each, two medium screens of 272 capacity, and a large screen of 472 capacity have been accommodated in the design skilfully to form a latest contemporary edifice.

Horizontal and vertical circulation is meticulously planned to address the generally existing confusion and conflict as the parking occupies the rear half-site until the 5 th level and provides the direct access to retail and cinema.

Longer facade of the edifice faces the main street, where the multiplex portion of the building has opaque walls facing the streets, is specially designed to efficiently use night lightning. Triangularly pixelated wire mesh is incorporated into night neon lightning to provide visual appeal.

Innovative design forms part of the advertising spaces allocation on the façade where the advertising spaces were provided as per market standards, still keeping the integrity of built form intact.

Project Name
Asian Cinemart
Area in Acres
1.3 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
0.22 Million
No.of Floors
2B+G+5 Floors
Height of the buildings
24 Mtrs