Azadpur Delhi

The whole design consideration for being a sustainable proposal was to address the intense summer of Delhi and orient the building according to passive principals and an intent where it became imperative to self-shading elements and have been adopted with share wall concept. Staggered plan spaces enhancing air circulation created a hierarchy of courtyard kind of spaces arranged around two connecting arches enclosing a fisheye with shadowed central landscape community spaces.

The overall master plan aims for open plan exploiting its connectivity. The design aims to be a gate way for users while having due consideration of safety and security issue of the user. The design also-addresses the climatically sustainability concern embarking into the value of social sustainability. The outer edge of the main arterial has been dedicated to commercial activity and to introduce human scale to the whole complex. The internal landscape courtyard is not just green space but acts as a secure, safe, sustainable, health, and social space for community activity.

Project Name
Area in Acres
1.89 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
0.48 Million
No.of Floors
3B+G+10 Floors
Height of the buildings
45 Mtrs