The building’s architectural design is contextual and responsive to the surrounding environment. The façade design incorporates modern subtlety with engaging character, interesting details, and strict building principles of lines that accentuate and differentiate colors, materials, and textures. The design ensures that the building integrates well with the environment and adds to the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

One of the significant components of the building design is its function as a large workspace project. The building has six floors, with the lower three floors dedicated to the voluminous office lobby areas, while the well-lit vibrant retail spaces occupy the periphery of the building. The ground floor of the project is an active zone designed for retail with higher footfall. The retail spaces are designed to have a visible and attractive storefront, giving them an impressive presence in the surrounding environment.

The office floors start from the fourth floor, and they have an outdoor extensive landscaped area at the terrace dedicated only for the workspaces. The outdoor areas provide an additional space for various recreational and social activities, creating opportunities for networking and fostering teamwork. The design ensures that the office floors are well separated from the retail areas, creating a sense of privacy and exclusivity for the office users.

The building’s lobby interiors are designed with the futuristic look and feel. The lobbies are spacious and designed to have a lot of natural light, modern décor and LED details, and integrated technology. The design of the lobbies creates an impressive entrance to the building, with an open and welcoming atmosphere, setting the tone for the users experience.

The design of the building responds to the local climate, ensuring that the building has an enhanced energy performance. The building design incorporates features such as thermal insulation, energy- efficient lighting, and ventilation systems that reduce the building’s energy consumption. The building also has a water harvesting system that collects rainwater and uses it for various purposes within the premises

Project Name

Western Windsor Park

Area in acres

7.5 Acres

Built Up Area In S.FT

3.01 Million

No. Of Floors

4B+S+45 Floors


Under Construction