The state library at Amaravati, Akshara, has its morphogenic origin in the ancient Indian books written on palm leaves called Talpatra Grandha. Six floors of this structure are proposed like Talapatra, and they fan out randomly to create a shaded area toward the south and green decks towards the North, responding to the climatic setting.

The six floors represent the six schools of philosophy in Indian culture. The total built form sits on a plaza per vastu grids. The space under the podium serves as a library. Amenities have been planned with North East being the lowest with a shallow water body that has 56 letters of Telugu language floating on it.

There are 108 skylights on the plaza representing 108 principals of Upanishad. The skin of the building takes its inspiration from the quantum physic discussion about light being a wave and particle. The whole library has been designed to complement the traditional concept of a library amalgamated with the futuristic digital age.

Project Name

Amaravati Library

Area in acres


Built Up Area In S.FT

0.35 Million

No. Of Floors


height of the buildings

36 Mtrs