The site admeasures 240 Acres, with clear demarcation in the zonal development plan that reserves 161.06 Acres for residential development, 68.99 Acres for Government offices and 8.94 Acres for roads of width 30m and above.

A thorough site planning exercise was carried out covering all governing factors of site and a symbiotic study of architectural programme. The resultant design is a climate responsive one having sensitivity to the socio economic and cultural setting and resonating the urge for the new era lifestyles and future demands. Siting of different buildings, orientation, courtyards, recessed floors, and specially designed architectural contrivances like sunbrerakers, slab projections, louvers etc. have been made part of the integral design, to achieve the climate and other context responsive design.

Hierarchy of courtyards starting from smaller cluster courtyards culminating into a larger courtyard which forms the central lung space of the fabric of built and open space system. This innovative system results into separate vehicular movement pattern and free pedestrian spaces with logical linkages.

Commercial spaces are separated from residential spaces, but the walkability is kept alive. Residential spaces are designed to suit nature friendly environment both in architecture and landscape. Sustainable site planning, water management, energy management, enhancing visual, psychological and physical comfort, effective use of renewable technologies, and use of sustainable materials are component parts of the wholistic design.

Project Name
Ghitorni Delhi
Area in Acres
240 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
31.1 Million
New Delhi