This is a unique park designed as a tribute to the father of the nation in the heart of new capital city Amaravati, as the Government wanted to offer its architectural reverence and homage to a great soul.

A First of its kind In India, the park Picturizes the entire life of Gandhiji spanning from boyhood till the time of demise.

A homogeneous mould of history that culminates with the futuristic tomorrow. 

Adorned by the warm mystic of captivating murals that presents a panoramic view of the Freedom Struggle.

Taking cue from the ancient times, where architecture has celebrated light and its cyclical periodicity to commemorate with monumental architecture like Stonehenge, Mayan Pyramids, etc., the present concept spatially spreads itself between 2nd Oct. and 30th Jan. letting the sun mark the precinct of experience according to the birth and demise time.

Using the spinning wheel as an integrating tool which brings all the spokes to the centre, the design idea symbolically integrates the spatial experience on the periphery to the centre as a monumental column of 79 ft. tall (Gandhiji’s age at the time of demise).

The arc of experience (2nd Oct. to 30th Jan) spreads with 79 trees representing Gandhiji’s age, and it (Freedom Path) forms an edge between the experience (events in Gandhiji’s life) and the synthesis (79 ft. tall monument) of Mahatma.

A series of statues of Gandhiji from boyhood to ripe old age will chronologically complement and highlight the story of Gandhiji on the Freedom Path.