WAPCOS-Model Town

The design aims at the site to exploit its huge potential in terms of connectivity and acts as a gateway to the user. The proposed design has security at the site as well as at building level. The whole neighbourhood has been proposed as a hybrid cluster with an amalgamation of corporate, retail and recreational activity making it a walk to work design environment. The whole community has been designed to have one family concept by integrating a people to people interaction zone.

The sustainability principals in the design of this model town are not limited to climate as they also address social sustainability. Residential ground coverage is 27%., leaving the rest of the place available for outdoor and semi outdoor activities of the community, which inculcates social sustainability.

Solar energy is harvested, and wastewater recycling and reuse have been part of the design to assure longevity of the project, apart from achieving sustainability.

Project Name
WAPCOS-Model Town
Area in Acres
24 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
2.9 Million
New Delhi