This is an IGBC pre certified green project catering to premium mid segment, designed in 10.6 acres comprising of 6 apartments blocks and one high end 50,000 sft. Clubhouse, fronting a lake on the eastern side. Deriving inspiration from the locational setting of lake front, the design presents a refined and modern reflection of the context and setting while respecting the requirements and aspirations of the user group. It forges its own identity through the sensitive and innovative design craftmanship. The site plan is programmed to have the residential units in a unique situation with 20% footprint of the buildings on ground, leaving the rest of 80% of ground spaces for dense landscaped community spaces.

Buildings blocks thus achieved a verticality raising to 31 floors to be interpreted as a mid-level vertical city, offering the view of the lake expanse on the eastern side. A well-balanced mix of a variety of different types of apartments are contained in one block, which are arranged along a staggered corridor. This departure from a regular linear corridor enhances the privacy aspect at home level and creates interesting active landscape spaces at ground level and provide the scenic view of the lake to maximum number of flats.

Individual apartment units are designed to have good balance of light, ventilation, and quality interior spaces with variety of flexible options for interiors. Several innovative spaces and amenities are skilfully integrated in the built space and landscape to foster a positive social, environmental and cultural impact for sustainable community living. Large, planted spaces offer opportunities for large scale community gathering, smaller green segments having designated activity areas cater to the multifaceted needs of the community, both for active and passive recreation.

The project boasts of a massive 50,000 sft. Clubhouse and Multi-Utility Block with premium amenities like gym, indoor games, spa and salon, badminton court and more to cater to the modern lifestyle of the residents. This occupies a prime location on the site overlooking the lake beyond, segregated from the living areas, conveniently connected to the central open core community space, providing expansive panoramic views of the lake.

Entire club building is designed to look like and island in the midst of an imposed water body around it, that takes inspiration from the adjacent lake. Large projecting volumetric cuboid forms of the club spaces orient themselves towards the lake, offering the lake scenery and creating a strong sense of Architecture that supports the entertainment character of the intended activities of the club.

Project Name

Honer Aquantis

Area in acres

11 Acres

Built Up Area In S.FT

2.7 Million

No. Of Floors

2B+G+30 Floors

height of the buildings

94.5 Mtrs


Under Construction