Designed in an area of 5 acres, this project is a thorough exercise of homogeneous blend of Architecture and interior, where landscape is juxtaposed as an integral part of the total scheme.

Landscape treatment spills on to the surrounding areas on East, West, and Southern sides where concerns like nala sustainability on eastern side, highway road concerns on southern side and transition spaces between the housing and TDP office were thoroughly addressed in landscape.

Separate parking areas for visitors, party members, VIP parking, uninterrupted pedestrian accessibility to visitor’s entry, indoor and outdoor meeting areas and canteen, induction of smaller courtyards are some of the special features of the landscape design.

All the three blocks have their own dedicated landscaped areas highlighting the tech-savvy nature of the built atmosphere, complementing the character, functional and visual setting.

Block A  has a Zen garden around the founder member’s statue of Sri N.T.Rama rao, to induce a sense of calmness while paying homage and to offer a serene visual setting to the surrounding office spaces, which are visually connected to the court with clear glass in between.

A large space between block A and B is dedicated to open air party meeting (1000 numbers), is designed to reflect the outdoor character , and is finished  in a rustic texture.

Block c is a restaurant/food court area with a dedicated outdoor landscaped area, catering to multi-faceted requirements.

Landscape sustainability principles were adopted in design, material selection and maintenance aspects.