This is a 30-acre gated community development consisting individual villas situated in the fast-developing area of Tellapur, Hyderabad, envisioned as a high-end villa project in a tropical garden environs.

The transformation of open land and farming territory is fully integrated in this gated community with a  39   acres of central open lung space and 2 acres of peripheral landscape envelope.

The layout is skillfully designed to have all north south roads, facilitating east west facing plots, a large central opens space running the entire length of the area in east west direction, with two spine single loaded east west roads buffering it on north and south directions. A buffer peripheral ribbon of open space with varying widths is created so that the villa back yards do not overlook another adjacent property but into this green ribbon of envelope.

In landscape, the indoor /outdoor connectivity, and spatial transparency to public and semipublic space of the villa are designed with an eye for detail and reflects a distinct sense of style.

Landscape is kept as an integral part of the layout with 2 distinct open spaces created to ameliorate the environment, with 3 acres of central lung space and 2 acres of green envelop space all-round the layout both ultimately forming experiential spaces for the inmates.

The peripheral park forms a microclimatic envelope and a natural green buffer to the township allowing for nature trails, green interaction plazas, active and passive recreation areas, physical fitness centers, - all designed as an inclusive part with ample connectivity, security and privacy in a tropical planting setting.

The central park forms the lung space of the community. This is imagined as a tropical forest with functional spaces and natural spaces juxtaposed on an undulating topography. This park divides the township into north and south segments but is designed to connect and integrate these two segments conveniently and comfortably.

Conviviality and pleasant experiential spaces are interwoven in the landscape design of this central park. A connecting urban plaza with light and shade paly, uninterrupted pedestrian foot paths and dedicated bicycle tracks, quite, intimate interaction spaces and busy active paly spaces, yoga pavilion with nirvana space, vantages point vistas and guided framed views, nature integrated amphitheater, , open decks overlooking the spine roads allowing far and near views, children play space and large community gathering space(1800p),and  cozy scaled down wobble park and stroll park are integral part of the design which are supported by signage, landscape furniture, lighting and irrigation etc.

The park is an integrated  and designed space with sequential articulations, views, and experiences. At the west end of the central park, a link road is proposed to connect the north and south segments of the township, that doubles up as a flea market and rytu bazaar at times of need following the theme of vibrancy.

A club house Is designed as the terminal space of the central lung space. Totally associated with the congregation area, this club becomes a hub of activities having spaces for  banquets, guest rooms, indoor games, coffee shop, restaurant, creche and other secondary activity spaces with integrated pool, deck side coffee shop and lounge area summing up the component parts of the club.