XLRI Amaravathi

It is a 50-acre university project with 47 % of the site allotted to open space functions with eco- friendly concept and sustainable design principals creating multiple courtyards which are shaded most of the time. There is a hierarchy at public spaces that make a gradual transition starting from most public to intimate spaces.

Site planning process is thoroughly followed in design to exploit the opportunities of the site for sustainable use and to mitigate the ill effects of built and developed areas on the natural systems of the site. The student and faculty housing have been located and oriented in such a way to exploit and benefit from the scenic views of the of the lake situated in the southern side. The perpendicularly placed housing mass lets the wind flow pick up speed to disperse high humidity and elevate human comfort.

Sports facility with auditorium, 400 mts. running track and soccer field in the South west are integrated in the master plan to create ease of use and convenience and to segregate the diverse activities of the campus. Central administration block is designed to have a grand entry where the history of the XLRI is celebrated in design making the motto as focal point. Two symmetrical wings spread out from here, each dedicated to undergraduate and post graduate studies.

The architectural language is a clean contemporary character that has been derived from climate concern and sustainability. The roof tops have been designed to accommodate photovoltaic cells to meet the energy demands of the institute. Area of 6.5 acres has been kept for future expansion enabling flexibility and growth in the campus design.

Project Name
XLRI Amaravathi
Area in Acres
50 Acres
Buit up Area in S.ft
3.3 Million
20 Floors
Inavolu, Amaravati