Gopichand Academy entails the construction of a high-performance training centre comprising six air-conditioned badminton courts on the premises at Gachibowli in Hyderabad, a Sports Science Centre and a new training centre.

The design components include an extension of badminton courts, a swimming pool, support amenities, commercial space and residential accommodation for the students & staff, and a swimming pool (half Olympic size) for fitness activities. Other spaces include one 200m, 5 lanes athletic running track including a playground (mini football ground), space for support amenities and commercial activities and parking as per the norms.

Sustainable site planning principles are attended to master planning by reducing the built footprint and maximising the landscaped greens. Grass pavers, the use of native species, recycled use of wastewater, and water management systems have been integrated in the outdoor design. Visual comfort, thermal comfort, heat gain reduction by the suitable orientation of built spaces, and the use of renewable energy technologies are the serious concerns addressed in the holistic design of the entire campus.

The objective of the foundation is to train, nurture and guide young talents to develop international badminton champions. The sports science centre will get top-quality resident nutritionists, physiotherapists and conditioning experts on board for the round development of players to develop outstanding athletes and coaches.

Project Name

Gopichand Academy

Area in acres

11.9 Acres

Built Up Area In S.FT

0.07 Million



No. Of Floors


height of the buildings

15 Mtrs