Any conceptual musing that has to compliment the Matrimandir, even if it is a mere landscape, deserves to be in sync with the cosmic grandeur of the original intention. It should not dilute the environment with a mundane collage of ideas but a seamless painting that composes a symphony of spatial notes that become audible to the Spirit.

Today the Gurus | Sri Aurobindo & Mother) are physically absent, but the Truth propounded by them is alive like the Matrimandir (Mother said ” It is the explanation of the Matrimandir at the centre. The Matrimandir represents the Divine Consciousness. All that is not said, but that is the way it is.)

In spiritual parlance a disciple starts his spiritual journey through an initiation by the Guru. If we consider Matrimandir to be the “Truth” (Super Consciousness”) the preamble to it or the space is the Guru it spreads like a circumambulation (pradakshina) and initiates the disciple into the realm of spirituality. If meditation is the goal as the functional activity of the Matrimandir, the circumambulation is the remembrance of the Guru and his message.

Next we take a composite chart of the (Sri Aurobindo & Mother) the combined energies and dynamics of destiny. Overlaying the chart with Matrimandir at the centre, we discover interesting meanings and serendipitous design possibilities. Also, the 12 gardens acquire different meanings based on astrology and esoteric implications.  

After superimposing the planetary lines on the gardens, we then proceed to evaluate the Composite chart to draw design inferences based on the Horoscope and its dynamics. For instance, at a primary level, every sign acquires a Spatial quality according to Zodiac sign and at the secondary level Planets become the spatial modulator articulating the space with it’s unique mythology and symbolic evolution of Consciousness. Joseph Campbell’s

The Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness is a beautiful work that inspired many an artist. Over and above this diagram, it is our creative duty to seamlessly weave the emerging possibilities to the existing conditions and prepare a master-vision. The proposed vision is to be treated like a Masterplan and not a final design, because we expect detail modulations and design alterations with an active participation with the Aurovillians who could have exhilarating ideas to compliment a perfect symphony. True to the nature of the Aurovillians creating their own dream, this Master vision only intends to excite and inspire a fresh departure into design.